Owning a luxury villa in a private compound with a peaceful living environment, world class facilities and 24-hour security is always the preferred choice of wealthy families.

The need to own a villa of elite class

There is an increasing number of customers who are willing to spend large amounts of money to buy a villa that suits their taste in the real estate market. If at the end of 2021, the highest price for a villa in HCMC was VND 400 billion, it is now almost VND 700 billion. Even the townhouses costing several million US dollars are still sold out quickly.

In satellite cities Long An, Dong Nai, villa prices also surpassed VND 100 billion per unit. But the supply of luxury villas is still insufficient due to the fast growing number of rich people.

According to Knight Frank, by 2026, the number of super rich people (with a minimum asset of USD 30 million) will increase by 26%, and the number of rich people (with a minimum asset of VND 1 million) will also increase by 59%.

Sports activities in the 8,6-ha freshwater bay next to The Aqua luxury compound

Experts believe that villa buyers not only focus on the quality of design and construction, but also the living space, service and facility system.

“If in the past, villa buyers often focused on value added over time, they now expect a home that perfectly meets their needs of enjoyment and safety. Projects that satisfy these criteria will sell regardless of high price”, said the director of a real estate agency specializing in high-end villas in the South.

He also said that successful people tend to simplify their lives, find a fresh space and be close to nature. They are likely to buy villas in compound projects, where there are private living spaces, and civilized communities with similar lifestyles. The riverside and lakeside compounds are more sought after though the prices are 30-50% higher.

Living quality makes the attraction

DKRA Vietnam reported that in the first 6 months of 2022, in the townhouse and villa segment, 18 new projects and 11 subsequent phases of existing projects open for sale in HCMC and neighboring provinces with a total 3,142 units, equivalent to 55% compared to the first 6 months of 2021. Supply is mainly located in major projects developed by well known investors.

An outstanding villa model in The Aqua, surrounded by peaceful nature

The agency projected that the supply of townhouses and villas will reach 1,500 units in Dong Nai, 1,000 units in Long An and Binh Duong, and 600 units in Ho Chi Minh City in the second half of 2022. Market demand will remain stable and selling prices will continue to increase.

Indeed, in satellite cities, villas in compound projects have recorded positive sales, of which The Mizuki compound villa in the South or Izumi City in the East are typical examples.

In Ben Luc (Long An), 30 minutes from Phu My Hung and district 1, new batch of The Aqua compound also sells out fast.

The Aqua is the first compound in Waterpoint riverside city consisting of luxury villas and mansions such as Harborfront, Riverfront, Canal, Garden Grand Villa.

The Aqua villas are specially designed with resort-like living space. Each villa is an outstanding architectural work in the immense nature of the 355ha township. For the interior, the owner can freely create according to their own needs and preferences after receiving the house.

Each villa in The Aqua compound has a garden and swimming pool overlooking the Vam Co Dong river or the 8.6-ha freshwater bay.

Experts believe that living quality is the factor that differentiates projects. Located next to the 8,6-ha freshwater bay, Vam Co Dong river and the 3.5-6ha riverside park, The Aqua not only creates a peaceful living style but also ensures maximum safety with multi-layer 24-hour security.

Private and quiet but not remote, residents will immerse in the vibrant life of Waterpoint township through different commercial, sports and entertainment activities, at ClubHouse, sports complex, marina, central park, etc. These are criteria that projects in Ho Chi Minh City cannot satisfy, making The Aqua stand out in the market.

In the future, the supply of luxury villas in compound areas, especially riverside and lakeside projects will run low. Not only Vietnamese but also expats working in Vietnam are looking for a quality living environment in these riverside and lakeside compounds. So these properties are still potential for growth despite their prices continuously reaching new peaks.

Source: Cafeland