Park Village in Waterpoint township has been awarded Best of the Best Award in the Architecture Multiple Residence category at the Asia Pacific Property Awards in Bangkok, Thailand.  

The award-winning projects were evaluated by an international panel of experts based on strict criteria regarding design, quality, creativity, uniqueness, and sustainability. Park Village, having received the highest award - the Best of the Best award in the category of Architecture Multiple Residence, will continue to be nominated at the International Property Awards (IPA), which is expected to take place in London, UK.

Nam Long’s representative (in the middle) received the Architecture Multiple Residence award for Park Village

According to a representative from Nam Long, "The Architecture Multiple Residence Award is an opportunity for us to continue spreading inspiration for the most livable place, a highlight in the 'ecological heart' of the integrated 355-ha Waterpoint township that we are developing." Park Village compound covers an area of ​​6.6 hectares, located in the center of the Central Park sub-area, Waterpoint township

The project is developed by Nam Long and reputable domestic and international partners such as CM+ (planning), Aurecon, Royal HaskoningDHV (infrastructure), Lascal (landscape)... The unique feature of Park Village is its location, which resembles a "green island," surrounded by a green ecological corridor with 5.05 ha of greenery, canals, and 6.23 ha of water surface.

Park Village is described as a peaceful European village

At this prime location, the investor and partners have put a lot of effort into creating a luxurious compound with a European style inspired by gentle, peaceful, and charming European villages. The total number of products in Park Village is limited to 96 villas, with an area ranging from 300-600m. 

The entire Grand Villa Park Village is designed in a neoclassical style, combining the grandeur, luxury, and free spirit of the Southwest river region, bringing timeless architectural masterpieces. 

To maximize the advantages of each land position and meet diverse customer needs, the investor introduces three main product types: Garden Grand Villa with views of cool green gardens, Canal Grand Villa with views of peaceful canals, and Park Grand Villa with views of the large park. The European inspiration is also reflected in every piece of the landscape of Park Village. In the central villa area, there is a European-style landscape garden with a characteristic symmetrical layout, neatly trimmed, artistic sculptures, fountains... cleverly arranged. 

Alongside the natural greenery is the Southern-style clubhouse with soft arched lines combined with spacious balconies, elegant colors, luxurious furniture... giving the feeling of being in a famous resort. Extending the experience chain for Park Village residents is the versatile facility complex of the Central Park sub-area and the integrated Waterpoint township. 

Among those, some have been completed and put into use including: cycling route, walking trail, marina, riverside club, sports and event complex, the 3,2-ha Country Club… that are setting a new living standard in the leading integrated township of the Southwest region.

Source: Nam Long Group (Hose NLG)