The national athletes displayed dedication and excitement through dramatic matches during eight days of intense competition.

Mr. Tran Xuan Ngoc, the General Director of Nam Long Group, expressed his pleasure in joining hands with the Vietnam Tennis Federation and the Department of Sports, Culture & Tourism of Long An province in organizing a national tournament. He also expressed hope that Waterpoint township, with its state-of-the-art sports facilities, will continue to be a preferred choice for organizing cultural, entertainment, and sports activities to serve the community, aligning with Nam Long's mission of creating a sustainable living environment and valuable products for the community.

The 2023 National Tennis Championship - Nam Long Cup officially closed with the following titles awarded:

Men's Singles event:

  • First place: Vu Ha Minh Duc (Hai Dang Club)
  • Second place: Tu Le Khanh Duy (Thanh Cong Club - Dak Lak)
  • Third place: Hoang Thanh Trung (PTS Tennis Club) and Correa Adrian (HCMC)

Women's Singles event:

  • First place: Demi Tran (Army)
  • Second place: Sophia Huynh Tran Ngoc Nhi (HCMC)
  • Third place: Ho Thi Truc Tam (Army) and Le Nguyen Phuong Trinh (Hai Dang Club)


Men's Doubles event:

  • First place: Nguyen Minh Phat/Pham Minh Tuan (HCMC)
  • Second place: Pham La Hoang Anh/Vu Ha Minh Duc (Hai Dang Club)
  • Third place: Cao Ngoc Lam/Le Gia Bao (Hai Dang Club) and Le Quoc Khanh/Tu Le Khanh Duy (Thanh Cong Club - Dak Lak)


Women's Doubles event:

  • First place: Demi Tran/Si Boi Ngoc (Army)
  • Second place: Le Thao Han/Nguyen Thi Be Xuyen (Army)
  • Third place: Nguyen Thi Mai Huong/Dang Thi Hanh (Hai Duong Clean Water) and Ngo Bao Ngan/Nguyen Quynh Anh (Da Nang)


Mixed Doubles event:

  • First place: Nguyen Van Phuong/Si Boi Ngoc (Army)
  • Second place: Truong Vinh Hien/Sophia Huynh Tran Ngoc Nhi (HCMC)
  • Third place: Le Trung Tinh/Nguyen Thi Be Xuyen (Army) and Tran Tien Thinh/Ho Thi Truc Tam (Army)


Nam Long Group expressed sincere thanks to the Vietnam Tennis Federation - Vietnam Tennis Federation - VTF, Department of Culture, Sports & Tourism of Long An province, Long An Provincial Tennis Federation, media units, the athletes and the entire audience who have made the tournament a success.

Source: Nam Long Group (HOSE: NLG), Liên đoàn Quần vợt Việt Nam