The time when Vietnamese people only need a shelter to protect them from the sun and the rain has long gone. In the modern time, a firm house is not enough, a project needs to satisfy various criteria that bring living values to become a worthy “home” of every person.

The challenge of township associated with sustainable development.

Together with the urbanization process, urban planning has been a challenge for the authorities and real estate businesses. Instead of executing small projects and solely focusing on the total project size, many businesses have switched to developing products based on modern living models in developed countries. The multifunctional townships which satisfy all living, working, recreational, entertainment requirements… like a "mini city", have been objectives of many project developers.

Developing multifunctional township has been a concerning challenge for investors.

However, to build a multifunctional township that is eco-friendly or smart, and sustainable is not as simple as it sounds to the investors. A township developer faces many obligations which are not always possible for every investor. For example, the land area must be large enough for a township. The capital structure must be stable to ensure long-term funding. The planning must be smart and sustainable to create a full living experience but still maintain the eco-friendliness. The house design must meet environmentally friendly requirements... These are important prerequisites to build a livable township, a civilized community and the potential for sustainable development in the future. A growing real estate market not only provides buyers with different choices but also gathers many professional investors. Known as a successful real estate developer with many sustained, high quality, fully facilitated township projects and a variety of products, Nam Long Group (NLG) recently continues to make a buzz in the market with the “Riverside city” - Waterpoint.

The attraction of NLG’s biggest multifunctional township

Located at the front of provincial road 830 in Ben Luc, Long An, right at the southwest gate of HCMC, the 355-hectare Waterpoint project is under development by NLG with a great variety of housing products, in response to the increasing diversity in customer demands. According to experts, this projects promptly meet the increase in housing demand of people moving from the inner city to the surrounding areas for better quality living environment.  Waterpoint makes impression not only with its large size, prime location but also the harmonized combination of modernity and the Mekong’s nature in planning and design.

The “Riverside city” Waterpoint draws attraction with the design of a multifunctional township and a quality living environment

Nam Long has set out the 3 requirements for international consulting partners “Respect the nature, Connect the community and Develop sustainably” from the very first days of project launch. Waterpoint was designed as a “riverside city” that brings a complete living experience and added value to future residents. The modern villas, townhouses and mansions surprisingly fit well into the natural environment of the Mekong delta.

The township is very nature-friendly with a low population density of about 84 people per hectare, 5,8-kilometer water border, 8-kilometer canals flowing to every block, a 6-park system including a 29-hectare riverside park, 25-hectare central park, 8,6-hectare freshwater bay park and parks of each block. In order to improve the living quality, NLG also invests in an all-in-one facility system for education, health care, commercial, services, sports, entertainment, religion, ... suitable for all ages. .

NLG created a modern living environment at the southwest entrance of Ho Chi Minh City

During phase 1, NLG will develop an area of 165 hectares and launch the main product line Valora with garden townhouses, commercial townhouses, duplex villas, single villas, mansions and riverside mansions. The perfect mixture of convenient living and natural elements, in addition to pricing from VND 2,3 – 5,1 billion are offering great living and investing opportunities in the southern market.

Source: Nam Long Group (Hose: NLG)