The construction of infrastructure, model house and billion-dong properties at riverside project Waterpoint has been completed. The project will be handed over after just one year Nam Long arrived in Long An with the strategy for the riverside city.

At the size of 355 hectares, Waterpoint is one of the largest township developed by Nam Long and also the top project in the western satellite city of Ho Chi Minh City, in terms of quality and quantity. Based on the concept of a riverside city, project planning focuses on combining the convenience of a modern city and nature, as well as the diversification of products.

The finishing “Riverside City”

Waterpoint is located at Provincial Highway 830, Ben Luc, Long An, well connected to South Saigon via a 30-minute car ride. The beautiful peninsula land along the edge of the Vam Co Dong river is the inspiration for Nam Long and its Japanese partners to create a living space with optimal "intangible values" for the residents. Na Long aims to create a conservation corridor and embellish the natural beauty by adding other man-made green features which are rare in the city center. The township has 95 hectares of green and water surfaces, including 29 hectares of waterfront parks, 8 kilometers of canals, 8.6 hectares of the bay area and a marina.

In 2018, the partnership with Nishi Nippon Railroad (Japan), TBS Group and Tan Hiep helped Nam Long increase the budget to speed up phase 1 development. The construction involved other leading companies in the real estate industries such as Lascal (Japan), Conybeare Morrison, Royal Haskoning DHV (Australia), Aurecon (Netherlands), Keppel Land, Swan & Maclaren ( Singapore), TwoG Architecture (UK), Ardor, Unicons - Coteccons, An Phong, etc.

After a year, Waterpoint has taken shape. Besides property construction, the utility ecosystem has also been carried out by other partners before the project handover in Q4/2020.

The highlight of Waterpoint is the system of 6 parks and the all-in-one utility system contributing to an ideal living environment. At the same time, the designs of public facilities are diversified and well connected, promoting the interaction among residents and the connection with nature.

The township planning consists of 5 main divisions, developed in phases, supplying a variety of products. The garden townhouses, duplex and detached villas, Valora shophouses are positioned along the main roads, where commercial services will be located. Meanwhile, the luxury properties are placed near the river. For example, Grand Villa and Riverfront Grand Villa have waterfront locations with feng shui values and higher standards to target high-class customers.

Targeting the elite

Despite the expensive price of billion dongs, all Grand Villa and Riverfront Grand Villa were sold out quickly on the first day of sale thanks to its quality, classy design and priceless values for future luxury living.

These are the most expensive properties of seven satellite cities around Ho Chi Minh City and also the most valuable properties at Waterpoint with price starting at VND 10 billion for Grand Villa from 300m2 and VND 16 to 30 billion for Riverfront Grand Villa 400-1,000 m2. The luxury collection has more than 20 models designed by Donal Conning (a member of the Royal Institute of British Architects) and his associates who are leading international experts at TwoG Architecture. Each property design is compatible with the land position and size to emphasize the homeowner’s personality, creating private but also relaxing open space in nature for family gatherings.

Sitting at the most beautiful locations in the township, Waterpoint’s luxury properties are not only places to live but also a symbol of class that residents can be proud of, proving their success and become a valuable asset for future generations.

In Q4.2020, investors will introduce the limited edition Grand Villa and Riverfront Grand Villa located in the isolated compound of the Aquaria division, with exclusive security control and utilities for residents. This not only guarantees safety for residents but also creates a civilized and intellectual neighborhood.

The "intangible value" also reflects in the “resort experience” as residents waking up to natural scenery of river, light and trees. Every day is enjoyable with the largest all-in-one facility system in the South. It is worth noting the 25-hectare Central Park with a series of beautiful landscape works, 3 hectares of gymnastics and Country Club, 25 hectares of international schools, 3 hectares of clinics and hospitals, more than 20 hectares for commercial centers, service ports, event center, water sports, church and temple, etc.

Besides the riverside park along the edge of the Vam Co Dong river and park, there are also exclusive facilities with professional management in each division such as the marina, riverside club, BBQ, swimming pool, tennis court, gym or commercial street.

Possessing outstanding advantages, a green living environment and international standard amenities, Grand Villa and Riverfront Grand Villa offer homeowners sustainable values, provide a symbol of class and valuable asset for future generations.