Consistent with the long-term goals, Nam Long and its partners have developed Waterpoint as a modern integrated township over the past 20 years. 

The project has a total area of 355 hectares, located in An Thanh, Ben Luc, Long An, on the riverside of Vam Co Dong river, southwest of Ho Chi Minh City. The properties  include affordable apartments, townhouses, villas, mansions... to meet the diverse needs of many customers. 

Cooperated with international partners 

According to sharings from the investor, in the early 2000s, after many research trips around the world, Nam Long noticed the common trend of developing countries was establishment of Satellite Cities, which were located in the close proximity of megacities, reducing the overcrowding pressure for these cities. Ever since, the idea for a satellite township of Ho Chi Minh City on the Vam Co Dong riverside was ignited. 

The land before Waterpoint was built. Photo: Nam Long

Nam Long started the journey with an international Urban Planning competition. On the 355-hectare land, the competition topic was to develop a township following three criteria: nature preserve, friendly community, and sustainable development. 

The competition attracted 7 companies from Spain, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia... Under the consultancy of various local and international experts that was based on "Ecology, Smart Connection, Sustainable Development”, Conybeare Morrison (CM+), an urban planner with more than 30 years of experience in Australia won the competition. After the partnership was signed with CM+, Nam Long continued to cooperate with well-known companies to develop infrastructure systems, landscape, interior - exterior design... such as Twog Architecture, Royal Haskoning DHV, Aurecon (Ha Noi). Lan), Swan Maclaren (Singapore), Ardor, Lascal (Japan)...

 Went with the nature flow 

Waterpoint is Nam Long’s largest integrated township up to the present time, developed based on the four foundations, including synchronous infrastructure, complex planning with destination creation programs, technology application, smart management and operation. Nam Long's representative said that from the beginning, the development of Waterpoint was determined to be a long journey, following a study of local needs, cultural characteristics and future trends.

Waterpoint located on the Vam Co Dong River. Photo: Nam Long

Along 5.8-km of Vam Co Dong river, the investor prioritized keeping the vegetation on the entire 50-meter-wide buffer zone, from the river to the township and not interfering with the river flow. So there are still signature features of the Mekong delta found, like nipa palm trees, riverside dirt roads, … 

The properties layout was also designed from lower (the river) to higher ground. The Grand Villa, the mansions and facilities include the pedestrian route, riverside park, are located near the river, followed by single and duplex villas. Along the main roads in the township there will be townhouses, shophouses and high-rise buildings. 

The difference in Waterpoint's product strategy is the diversified product segments, serving a variety of customers. Products include EHome Southgate, affordable apartments, Valora products such as garden townhouses, commercial townhouses, duplex villas, single villas... for middle and high income class, and the Grand Villa product in the luxury segment, exclusive for the elites.

Sports complex in Central Park subdivision in Waterpoint. Photo: Nam Long The 3-hectare Country Club sports complex, bus system, riverside community club, Rivera 1 and Aquaria marinas have been opened. In the coming time, additional facilities and services such as convenience stores, restaurants, Emasi Plus International Bilingual school (expected to open in August this year), healthcare, etc. will be put into operation.  

According to the representative of Nam Long, the Waterpoint facility can cater to 30,000 people at the same time. "Regardless of the product segment we are in, we hope to win customers by understanding their needs and delivering real values," said Nam Long’s representative.

Source: VnExpress