Integrated urban development is a strategic move for real estate corporations to create a sustainable living environment, improve the living experience and ensure value of the project. 

Focusing on own substances in living environment

In recent years, integrated real estate has been attractive to big corporations. Instead of developing simple housing products, many big investors focus on integrated urban areas to provide synchronous and self-contained services and facilities, improving the living quality for the community.

Pioneering in integrated township development from the international “modern township” model, Nam Long Group has always been consistent in pursuing projects that bring sustainable values to the community. The company has confirmed its transformation strategy from an affordable real estate developer to an international integrated urban developer, aiming to be the leading integrated real estate developer in Vietnam and the region.

With 30 years of experience in the real estate industry, Nam Long has successfully developed townships like Nam Long Tan Thuan Dong (28ha, District 7), Nam Long Phuoc Long B (34ha, District 9), Kikyo - Nam Long Phu Huu (17.5 ha, District 9), Nam Long North Saigon (12.5 ha, Binh Duong) and Nam Long Can Tho (80 ha, Can Tho City). Other township projects in progress include Mizuki - Nguyen Son (37ha, Binh Chanh), Akari City (8.5ha, Binh Tan district), Waterpoint (355ha in Long An, of which 165 hectares belong to phase 1) and Izumi City (170 hectares in Dong Nai).

One of the remarkable projects is the Waterpoint Riverside City in Ben Luc, Long An, where Nam long Group implemented a smart planning of residential and commercial complexes and held exciting events. Development of Waterpoint City ensures 5 solid functionalities: living, entertaining, shopping, working and educating, forming a modern living space at Ho Chi Minh City’s western gateway.

After 2 years of development, the city has welcomed its first residents. A new township gradually brought to life will give the investors peace of mind about the quality and progress when making investment decisions, as well as the opportunity for site inspection to see the planning and diversifying facilities of an integrated township.

"Integrated real estate which balances the architecture and living environment will thrive and become essential. This model adds sustainability for the market, instead of monotonous blocks of houses. Therefore, the sooner businesses choose to invest in integrated real estate, the more advantages they will have as pioneers”, Nam Long Group’s representative emphasized.

Long term strategy

Pursuing Vietnam’s leading position in integrated real estate development, Nam Long Group has intensively partnered with big corporations to build products and projects of international quality but still embracing the local culture.

In the past 6 years, Nam Long Group has been cooperating with two Japanese partners, Hankyu Hanshin Property Corp and Nishi Nippon Railroad, who have more than 100 years of history, to develop 8 projects from small to hundreds of hectares in the South.

Nam Long Group partnered with Japanese partners to develop Waterpoint

Not only well known in Japan with more than 2 million square meters of rentals, Hankyu Hanshin Property Corp is also a reputable real estate corporation in the global market with about 30,000 housing products each year built in Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Nishi Nippon Railroad is a corporation with 86 member companies, operating in many fields from transportation, real estate to distribution, international logistics and hotels with an annual revenue of USD 3.2 billion..

Nam Long also called for the participation of foreign shareholders including Mekong Capital, World Bank, etc. to create an internationally standardized administration system. The brand name and capacity of international partners, together with the understanding of the local market is Nam Long’s competitive advantage in developing modern integrated townships, scaling up and protecting its position.

Following the success, Nam Long Group and Hankyu Hanshin Properties Corporation are working together to launch the 170-ha integrated township, Izumi City.

Perspective illustration of the170-ha township, Izumi City, in Bien Hoa, Dong Nai

Built based on an integrated township model, in which residents can live, study, work and entertain, Izumi City is equipped with a full range of facilities, services, healthcare, schools, etc. to make it a bustling town in the center of West Ho Chi Minh City.

Striving to provide a thorough living environment, balancing interests between the business and community, Nam Long Group is working towards sustainable projects on the foundation of integrated townships and continuing to cooperate with international partners to win customers' trust.

Source: CafeF