Wanting to refine the experience and provide extra value to customers, Nam Long will give out presents to all customers visiting the Sales Gallery in Waterpoint from May 22, 2023. 

In addition to the take away presents, a visit to Waterpoint model house will be an opportunity for customers to enjoy relaxing moments, immerse themselves in the riverside nature and try the facilities and services in the township such as having coffee by the river, cycling, kite flying, camping... 

Waterpoint is Nam Long’s largest integrated township with a total area of up to 355ha. With a 5.8-km natural riverborder, from the beginning, Waterpoint was positioned and designed in the direction of sustainability, convenience and modernity while preserving and embellishing the natural ecology. 

Waterpoint has impressive planning indicators including a 23% construction density, 84 people/ha population density, which is equivalent to the "green island" Singapore, a 64-hectare green coverage, and 8-km canal weaving through the township. For all these reasons, Waterpoint is known as the 'city for health'. Having many outstanding values ​​in terms of living environment, planning according to international standards, etc. an integrated township worth living is being formed in Waterpoint, contributing to the developing urban planning in Long An. 

At the moment, the investor is launching Grand Villa products in The Aqua, a riverside compound next to the Marina, Aquaria & Park Village subdivision, a European-style compound in the Central Park with attractive sales policies.

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(Source: Nam Long Group (Hose: NLG))