A private and nature friendly living space is always a peaceful place to come back, a "private realm" to look for the hidden beauty in the soul that sometimes we might have forgotten.

Amidst the inevitable bustle of life, the true beauty of the soul is an everyday emotion that we sometimes forget. For a moment, we need to live slowly to fully appreciate the true values ​​of life. And what we need is a "private realm" that is quiet and peaceful enough for us to contemplate and sublimate.

When you wake up, your life is no longer disturbed by the noise of loud car horns or the polluted air. Instead, your life will be filled with the sounds of whispering winds blowing into the trees, birds chirping in the garden and fresh air. It’s when you find your soul gets excited, rejuvenated, and you will put aside worries and sorrows to become strangely innocent. You will whisper to yourself: How precious is life.

The generous nature embracing the place will help residents uncover the true values of life. 

Recognizing the profound values of life as well as the original beauty of each individual soul, The Aqua villa with the first separate high-class area in the 355ha Waterpoint integrated township is designed by Nam Long Group, Nishi Nippon Railroad, TBS Group, Tan Hiep Invest like a true "private realm", helping successful residents to find themselves among the bustle of life.

In harmony with the enchanting beauty of the nature of Mekong Delta,  The Aqua luxury villa is like a masterpiece, waking up the vitality of Vam Co Dong River. Located next to the 8,6-ha Harbor and the largest freshwater bay in the West of Ho Chi Minh City, bordered by 1.3 km of park and many eco-friendly facilities, The Aqua residents will be immersed in a living space filled with green, enjoy picnics on the spot with family and friends. While living here, residents will experience a life connected with nature and above all, the endless happy holidays waiting ahead. In the future, all of these things will create an invisible power that awakens the emotion hidden within each person.

Modern facilities connecting the nature of the Mekong Delta at The Aqua villa 

The living space at The Aqua villas also focuses on supporting multi-generational family life, creating opportunities for residents to find love in the family that might have been carried away by the busy life. Images of happy families will be seen in the well-designed kitchen, spacious dining room and in the modern and classy facilities which maximize the connection of family members.

A family walking around the riverside park on an afternoon, or enjoying a weekend party at the BBQ yard. Young adults on a high-class cruise, or training at the sports field. Children playing in a modern and safe playground, etc. All of these beautiful moments will arouse love in the family.

Aiming to build a prosperous township, where residents have complete happiness, Nam Long has created a high-class security system at Waterpoint, and at The Aqua in particular, is also a component limiting the negative influences of the outside world, so that each resident can create life in their own way. This is also the foundation to create an elite community, allowing each resident to interact with people of the same class and lifestyle. It is such civilized communities that will help them freely share their values ​​and life goals, and together promote the development of a long-term prosperous and upscale township.

With a comprehensive ecosystem, The Aqua villa does not just meet the living need, but above all, it is a masterpiece portraying the "expensive home", the starting point for happy stories in everyday life, a "private realm" to be yourself that many successful residents have been looking for a long time.

Source: CafeF