The park is a symbol of modern living style at Waterpoint Township, gathering fresh air and spreading abundant green energy source to the resident community. With an area up to 25 ha, the central park does not simply manifest the gentle beauty of the South but also feature an ideal space to enhance health at its sport complex as well as enjoy the carefree feeling with countless utilities.

A place to show the high class of living with a freshwater bay, a vast marina and a trendy riverside restaurant and coffee system, offering luxurious enjoyment experience with airy views. The outside of the park is adjacent to Vam Co Dong river, creating favorable conditions for recreational, networking and connecting needs.

The large marina with riverside restaurant and coffee shop system will offer a luxurious experience with a panoramic view. Visitors will travel on canoes, sailing – boats to see the landscape of Vam Co Dong river as well as understanding about the riverside life of the local citizens.

The strip of riverside park covers an area of 29 hectares forming an ecological curve that embraces the whole urban area with natural, original and well-preserved vegetation. Quiet sunsets watching the peaceful channel under green trees next to your loved ones will touch all the peace of mind in you. 29ha stretching over 5.8 km of Vam Co Dong river bank.

Next to the green weaving canals, the park covers 8 km, extending the green shade from Vam Co Dong river to the urban area, sending “prosperous – successful” vitality to every home, in every minute. Each of your seconds at the Waterpoint is always full of positive energy.

Regional parks are situated alternately in each sub-area to create a space that maintains a integrated community. These regional parks are an ideal place for neighbors to meet in early sports sessions and enjoy children’s bustling laughters in peaceful afternoons. These are where the residents can realize “rural pleasures” while walking with their family or just find some peace of mind on green grass.

Every early morning, you wake up in the sound of the birds singing and your eyes gently touch the first rays of sunlight shining through the trees. With the idea of designing “a home in a garden, a garden in a home”, your home will be covered with absolute green space, bringing the cool atmosphere of the sky and trees to every corner.