Riverfront Grand Villa


With an area of ​​400m2 or more, possessing the most beautiful locations of the city by the Waterpoint River, Riverfront Grand Villa is not only an ideal place to settle down, but also a hallmark of its own owners Proud of success in life, a most valuable asset passed down to future generations.

Located in the most beautiful feng shui settlements in the city, each Riverfront Grand Villa Waterpoint has an area stretching over 20m of the riverbank, possessing unique views, unique to the owner. It is a lush green garden with flower clusters, favorite plants, a feeling of coolness of eyes with 50m of primitive flora preserving the status quo of the riverside park, a sight with immense views of the river. Vam Co Dong historical.

The land campus is an immense space for Riverfront Grand Villa Waterpoint to create unique architectural works that enhance the personal impression of the artifact. Riverfront Grand Villa appears firmly but still very sophisticated and civilized but still creates a warm feeling of Asian culture, the solid array at least gives way to the maximum openings to the natural landscape to absolutely exploit. adjoining the river with a harmonious combination of wood, glass, green plate, river surface – All creating a masterpiece with a distinct language, showing the status of the owner.

The number is extremely rare in each subdivision, Riverfront Grand Villa Waterpoint right next to the fresh green shore will nurture the homes for sustainable happiness, prosperity for the future and an undisputed asset of the owner. for children and grandchildren.



*Grand Villa designs will be updated soon.

Pictures are for reference only. Actual designs could be different. Official information will be based on the sales contract.