The master plan of the Waterpoint is inspired by
the scenic river, its location as the gatetway to
Ho Chi Minh City from the Mekong Delta Region,
and the passion to create a different lifestyle –
more natural, greener, tranquil; resort-like which
are distinctive from the current urban, city lifestyles
of Ho Chi Minh City’s people.

Conybeare Morrison International from Australia stands out as the winner of the international masterplan competition. Architecturally designed on the concept of a ‘citadel’, with small and distinct precincts, Waterpoint is designed to naturally fit around the waters’ flow, bringing each section closer to its focal point, the river.
Master-Planning Principles
A Differentiating Township

Maintain a low density by
  • Limiting construction density at various levels and areas. In strata development, resort feeling with inner gardens are developed, while in landed properties, private space for green and outdoor open space are created

  • Accommodating over 30,000 residents, with about 13,500 residential units in an area of 355 ha. Render possible by diversity of projects
Integrate local and regional infrastructure by:
  • Creating different grades of common infrastructure from large Boulevard A of 48m, to Boulevard B 36m, to secondary roads 22m and to private/smaller roads
  • Studying flows of traffic, regulatory, public bus and lower scale of circulations such as bicycle and pedestrians

  • Ensuring parking provision for public areas, access and  to particular areas  with numbers  allocated for visitors, allowing future growth

  • Providing public transportation provision with network of bus lines and 2 hubs for bus station
Maximize public spaces by
  • Providing a range of types and areas for public activities such as parks, sport areas and landscape urban plaza
Provide great convenience by
  • Developing comprehensive range of facilities and amenities for living, working, studying and entertainment (Including mix-use areas, residential areas, business park, hypermarket, hospital, university and recreational areas)

  • Allowing comprehensive sharing of space between public and semi public, with an option for flexibility in gradually creating higher green and ecological standards
Offer green and water living environment by
  • Maximizing the advantage of water & riverfront features
  • Creating projects with water features, green areas, diversity in product types

  • Having leisure and sports with nature combined in public area and  private areas
Project Components
Waterpoint will bring a complete lifestyle
blended with nature to our future residents.

Coming home everyday, you may feel all your senses entirely indulged by a fresh, airy, spacious, tranquil, stress-free, and lush landscaping atmosphere.

On a daily basis, you may picture yourself in a broad range of resort-like and alfresco activities. They can be as relaxing as walking or jogging on a riverside walkway, biking on lush cycling paths, swimming on a river-view swimming pool, playing sports on the field, and seeing your kids frolicking on the playground. Or they can be as deluxe as playing golf on the ever-green golf field or boating at the windy marina.